Prevent Dog Illness

What does Stonebridge Kennels do to prevent dog illness?

Stonebridge Kennels has a locally unique facility that provides year-round dog boarding, daily dog day care, and full-service grooming.

There are MANY occasions for dogs to have “nose-to-nose” contact here. We believe in, and promote, if appropriate, social interaction between dogs. While we believe that, generally, this philosophy is best for the health and well being of most dogs, it does present a potentially increased opportunity for illness to spread.

In addition to its vaccination requirements, Stonebridge Kennels has an intensive cleaning and sanitization policy.

Vaccination Policy

We require these vaccinations prior to visiting the facility are: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, and Parvovirus.

We STRONGLY encourage Leptospirosis, Para influenza, and Hepatitis vaccinations. Also, a good vaccination to consider is Canine Influenza, but it’s not required.

Stonebridge Kennels requires the bordetella vaccination prior to boarding or visiting doggie day care.  We recommend the vaccine at least 2 weeks prior to visiting, and, at least, yearly thereafter.

Owners whose dogs frequently visit the kennel may consider a “bordetella booster” every 6 months, however this is not required.

Cleaning Policy

Our cleaning covers not only surfaces but also considers air quality of the facility.  Our regimen includes:

  • Daily disinfection of ALL floors AND kennels using a commercial floor scrubber
  • High efficiency furnaces with germ reducing filters
  • UV lights in air ducts to kill microorganisms within the ducts
  • High-flow air exchanger that brings fresh air in and stale air out 10x/hour
  • Atomizers in every room that release airborne sanitizers every 15min
  • Disinfection of outside dog runs and exercise areas (weather permitting)
  • Bedding washed in bleach/detergent solution
  • Dog bowls cleaned and disinfected in bleach/detergent solution

Come see it yourself

It’s clear that in this type of facility EVERY illness can’t be avoided, but Stonebridge Kennels does its best to educate its customers and mitigate the chances of any outbreaks.

Stonebridge Kennels has an “open-door” policy when it comes to its facility.  At any time during normal business hours, anyone interested can take a tour to see how the kennel operates and see the different ways we attempt to mitigate the risk for illness.

It’s a never-ending task in a busy boarding facility, but the dogs are worth it!