Doggie Day Care at Stonebridge Kennels

You’ll be amazed how you and your dog benefit from proper socialization in doggie day care.  At Stonebridge Kennels we provide a 100% supervised doggie day care environment.  Your dog is sure to go home tired and happy.

Convenience of Doggie Day Care in Roscoe, IL

We are in Roscoe IL, just a short trip from Rockford, Loves Park IL or Beloit WI.

Day Care is open Monday – Saturday with the following hours:

  • Mon – Fri: 7:00am – 6:00pm
  • Sat: 8:00am – 2:00pm
Doggie Day Care Pricing
$5/day discount for an additional dog
$18/day for boarded dogs
*pricing subject to change
Application & screening at no charge

Getting Started in Doggie Day Care is Easy

Before bringing your dog to day care for the first time, please call to schedule an evaluation.  

This is a brief application and screening process to make sure your dog will thrive in our environment.  Since they will be in social groups with other dogs, we want to ensure a safe experience for your dog and others.  We will assess your dog’s overall temperament.  We will also observe how he reacts to other dogs and our staff.

Please bring to the evaluation your dog’s up-to-date vaccination records.  These should include proof of the following vaccinations:

In order not to put any dog at risk, these vaccinations must be kept current.

If you’d like to read and fill out forms before you visit, you can download them on our forms page.

Your dog must be at least 6 months old and spayed or neutered to play in day care.

As soon as your dog passes our free application and screening process they may join other dogs in the play area.

woman in knit cap kneeling with four dogs

Why Stonebridge Kennels for Doggie Day Care?

There are many reasons to bring your dog to Stonebridge Kennels for doggie day care.  Here are a few:

Large Doggie Day Care Space 

Stonebridge Kennels is located in an open, country setting and this is reflected in our 9100 square feet of day care space.   We have both indoor and outdoor exercise areas including:

  • Four large outdoor exercise spaces – all with access to inside climate-controlled areas.
  • 1400 square feet of indoor, climate-controlled space
  • All doggie day care areas contain artificial turf or a combination of turf and natural grass. The artificial turf is cool and soft for the dog’s feet and antimicrobial.

Controlled Environment for your Dog

Since all dogs go through a screening process & are current on vaccinations you can be assured they are playing in a safe environment. The day care environment includes:

  • Dogs separated by activity level, size, and temperament.
  • Toys such as Little Tikes outdoor play sets & kiddie pools with water in the summer
  • 100% supervision at all times

The Benefits of Play Time

Doggie Day Care provides a safe, fun and clean environment where dogs can play with other dogs of the same temperament.  The advantages include:

  • Improved socialization with dogs and people
  • Regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
  • Dogs come home tired and are better behaved at home
  • Cage-free days (unless nap or feeding time is requested, or the dog needs a play break)

One-Stop Care for Your Dog

Stonebridge Kennels offers Grooming, Boarding and Day Care.  This means your dog can be comfortable in familiar surroundings whenever they visit.

When you travel we can be your dog’s home away from home.  If your dog comes here for day care, he can easily make the transition to boarding in a familiar environment.  This minimizes stress while you are away.

If you’d like your dog to be in day care while boarding, discounted rates apply during the stay.

You can also schedule a grooming appointment while your dog is in day care.  Being groomed at the end of a day of play means your dog goes home happy, tired AND clean.

Doggie Day Care FAQs

Do you provide outdoor play areas?
Yes.  We have over 7700 square feet of dedicated outdoor play area.  Our open, country setting provides an enjoyable outdoor experience for your dog.

Can I take a tour?
Definitely!  Give us a call or stop by and we’ll give you a tour of our facility.

Are there any discounts for doggie day care?
If you’d like your dog to be in doggie day care during an overnight boarding stay, a discounted rate will apply.